Sunday, 18 April 2010

Various Sprites

These are some of the sprites I found lying around on my desktop.


Snowden Sprite

A cute little penguin called "Snowden" I was going to make these characters be included in my comic but I ran out of ideas. The panda's name is paddy.


Walkie Talkie

Noone is allowed to use or steal any of the sprites or screens that I upload on this blog. Copyright© 18/04/10.

Zombie Outbreak Screenshots

These screenshots are fairly old but I think they are worth putting up.

Title Screen

Mode Selection

Shop Menu Mock-Up

In-Game Screenshots

Stealing stuff off the shelves in a small convenience store, I decided to go with the caramel and yellow tiles shown on the left instead of minty green tiles shown on the right.

Night Time


Looking for stuff inside the gun shop

Shop Menu Screen

Squad Selection Screen

Studying hard in the classroom... kind of

Doors, Windows, Sewer Entrances and etc

Research Lab - Kitchen

Another Shop Menu Screen

Breaking into a Warehouse


Train Station

Ugly colour for a train I know...


Oil Rig


Security Room

Outside Shop

Before After

Breaking into the toilet to escape from zombies

Unfinished Area

Promotional Screens (these are not in-game)

Inside Warehouse

Splash Screen

Fuse Box

Weapons Showcase


Weapons Display

Gun Cabinets and Shelves

Sprite Poses and Animations

Noone is allowed to use or steal any of the sprites or screens that I upload on this blog. Copyright© 18/04/10.

GameJolt Axiom Contest Spritework

These are all the sprites I drew from scratch for a game that a friend and I were working on which won 1st place in the contest. The prize was a free game from Steam but we felt that coming 2nd place deserved a reward so we offered it to him instead.

Link to download the game:


z: jump/escape zombie attacks
x: shoot/throw
down+x: pick things up
c: talk
s: use
d: eat
up key: enter doors/use phones
down key: it does what it does in the mario games when you're over a pipe
arrows: walk
F4: toggle fullscreen
F12: toggle vsync (use this is there is tearing or the game runs too fast)
Enter: pause
Esc: menu

The game was programmed by my friend Theodolite in Blitz Max, whereas my role was to serve as an artist and I drew all the sprites and animated them.


The classic Dungeons and Dragon's monster which unfortunately did not make it into the final release of the game but it was fun to draw nonetheless.


It was going to be an enemy in the game but I was not able to animate the dog properly so it was left out of the final release.

Female Surface Dweller

The Flukeman

For all of your X-File fans out there only you would know what the flukeman is, it was in an episode of the X-Files and it was my friend's idea to add him to the game, but due to time constraints he was left out of the final release.

Gelatinous Cube

Not much to say about this guy, my friend said he had "character" but I didn't like him even though I drew him. He was left out of the final release.

Indian Shopkeeper

The shopkeeper was supposed to be indian and resemble "Apu" from the simpsons, it was my friend's idea and I'm pretty proud of how it came out so well.


Left out of the final release.

Surface Dwellers

Internal Organs and Blood

In the game you can kill people and collect their organs and sell them, it was a funny idea but it made the gameplay more fun. It was also the only source of income in the game.

Short Zombie

A common enemy in the sewers part of the game, once he pounces on you he will not let go.

Tall Zombie

Piggy Policeman

"Respect my authority" as Cartman would say in southpark. The piggy policeman was the only NPC in the game which would fire upon you if you tried to steal or killed anyone.

Sewer Grate

Sky Background

This was not used in the final release but I thought it was cool and looked nice.


This guy would heal you for a price and you could also sell organs to him.

Main Character

This is the main character of the game, the story goes like this: His brother is dying of a kidney disease so the main character sets out to try to find a way to save him.

Wheelchair Girl

The wheelchair girl was left out because it was too hard to animate and we also did not want to offend any disabled people. Did not make it to final release.

Various Items and Animation

I drew all of these from scratch, the fruits are health pickups which replinish health and so is the pill bottle.

Noone is allowed to use or steal any of the sprites or screens that I upload on this blog. Copyright© 18/04/10.