Zombie Outbreak

        Zombie Outbreak

Game Modes:

Capture the Objective
The point of this game mode is to obtain the objective, the objective chosen will be random and it can be anything from a laptop full of information, a briefcase, a vaccine a NPC or an important document.

Players will be able to purchase equipment before the game starts, in the game players can use furniture and their surroundings to slow down the zombie horde so that they can reach their goal. Once the objective has been captured the player will have to proceed to the evacuation point.

Players will earn points by reaching the objective as soon as possible. The timer will continue until the player has reached the evacuation point so being quick is vital in getting a good score.

In the shop the player can buy equipment for his/her squad, the following items have their uses:
·        Lock pick, can open locked doors which can help to get to the objective faster.
·        Landmines and Bear traps which will slow down zombies and other obstacles.
·        Smoke grenade and flashbangs will allow the player’s squad to escape from zombies.
·        Various healing items.
·        Weapons

Players will earn points and time by killing zombies.

·        School [DONE]
·        Wasteland [DONE]
·        Mall [DONE]
·        Lab [DONE]
·        Army Base
·        Hospital
·        Cruise Ship
·        Mansion w/ Crypt
·        Forest
·        Airport
·        Subway
·        Alleyway [DONE]

Operation Cleanup
Kill as many zombies as possible within the time limit. There will be rounds so that the player can heal and re-equip their squad. Zombies will spawn from spawn points.

Players will earn points and time by killing zombies.

Points are as follows:
·        100 points for each zombie civilian.
·        150 points for each zombie dog.
·        200 points for zombie swat.
·        200 points for zombie policeman.
·        500 points for zombie mutant.


Good Neighbors (an easter egg reference to "Zombies Ate my Neighbors")
Save all the innocent civilians before they get eaten. Very much like capture the objective except you'll have multiple objectives, and in order to save them all you'll have to do things such as: save them in a certain order, slow down the zombie horde, attract the zombies to you, etc. So there would definitely need to be some strategy involved.

Mission Impossible
Attack the Mutant Zombie headquarters and plant a bomb. Multiple ways in, multiple ways out. You must get into the base (take your time if needed but affects score), plant the bomb, and then escape before it explodes. You'll need to plant traps on your way in to make your escape even possible.

Infection Preservation
You must survive a horde of zombies for 5:00 minutes. If you die before the time is up you only lose points for it. The objective here is to NOT kill zombies. There will be a ton on the map. For every surviving Zombie you earn points, but zombies will make it very difficult for you to resist. This is where smoke grenades and the such come in really handy.

Natural Selection
You must kill all of one type of zombie, without killing any other type. The type of zombie you need to kill will be randomly selected at the start of the round. It may say, "Kill all the Zombie Swat", so you'll need to avoid dogs, civilians and the like because if you kill them you lose points. Game would have a time limit.

Rodent City (easter egg reference to Racoon City from Resident Evil)
You start in a town map full of innocent civilians, dogs, and police. You must travel to the center of town and unleash the virus. All the innocents will then instantly turn to zombies. You must escape as fast as possible. You will be completely surrounded unless you killed some of the people before planting the virus. If you kill innocent people, you lose points. If you kill them as a zombie, you gain points. Time wise you'll save points by killing some of the innocents, but not too many. Just enough to clear up a path a bit.

Game Ideas

Food System
The food system will put an emphasis on survival for the player, the player will have a stamina bar which will show the player how much stamina the character has left before they starts to slow down and lose HP.

Weapon Accessories/Upgrades
Various weapons can be upgraded and can have accessories attached onto them, upgrading weapons will make them better, more accurate and will increase ammo capacity which means the gun can hold more ammo this will give the player an incentive to upgrade and look for weapon accessories.

Item Storage
Various potential safehouses will contain containers, cabinets, caches and chests to store weapons and items, this will let the player save their items for later on in the game or so that they can save up space in their inventory.

Safehouse System
Various buildings can be barricaded to become safehouses, but before doing so the player must get rid of all the zombies in the building and seal the windows and doors by barricading them. Barricading will require nails and a hammer, sealing metal doors will only require an electric welder. Once the zombies have been killed and all windows and doors except the entry door has been barricaded the player will have unlocked a new safehouse.

Vehicles in the game can be found and hotwired if they are not damaged. If the vehicle is damaged and the player owns a tow truck, they can tow the vehicle back to the safehouse for repair, once repaired the new vehicle can be used at any time once selected from the safehouse. Some vehicles can be fitted with weapons and other miscellaneous upgrades which will enhance the vehicle’s performance giving an increase in the vehicle’s HP, Defence and Speed. Vehicles can only be used on the world map as they are too big to fit on regular maps.

There are many ways to open a locked door in the game:

Mechanical Breaching
Locked doors can be opened using a crowbar to break open the door or by using a Lockpick which will unlock the door without doing any damage.

- Lock picking will only be used by trained personnel.
- Breaking open a door by using a crowbar can be done by anyone.

Ballistic Breaching
Locked doors can be opened by firing a breaching round into the door to break the locking mechanism. A shotgun loaded with a breaching round is a perfect example of ballistic breaching; although any firearm can be used there is a danger of bullet ricochet, which might send the bullet into an unknown direction which may harm the person breaching the door.
Explosive Breaching
Explosive breaching is the most destructive method of opening a locked door, exploding and destroying the whole door will allow entry but the door will be gone and cannot be repaired.


Title Screen

Mode Selection

Shop Menu Mock-Up

In-Game Screenshots

Stealing stuff off the shelves in a small convenience store, I decided to go with the caramel and yellow tiles shown on the left instead of minty green tiles shown on the right.

Night Time


Looking for stuff inside the gun shop

Shop Menu Screen

Squad Selection Screen

Studying hard in the classroom... kind of

Doors, Windows, Sewer Entrances and etc

Research Lab - Kitchen

Another Shop Menu Screen

Breaking into a Warehouse


Train Station

Ugly colour for a train I know...


Oil Rig


Security Room

Outside Shop

Before After

Breaking into the toilet to escape from zombies

Unfinished Area

Promotional Screens (these are not in-game)

Inside Warehouse

Splash Screen

Fuse Box

Weapons Showcase


Weapons Display

Gun Cabinets and Shelves

Sprite Poses and Animations

A mock up of the inventory menu in my game, which was done a long time ago. The menu shows the attachments which are attached on the weapon and is supposed to show the stats somewhere but I'm still working on the design of the menu.

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