Sunday, 18 April 2010

Pixel Art Gallery Update!

I've started blogging my pixel art once again and I've drawn a LOT since the previous year.

Hope you like them!



AWM Sniper Rifle

Benelli M4

Beretta CX4 Storm

I don't like this one much, I got the shape and detailing right but I lost motivation to shade it properly, maybe I'll do it once day.

Beretta M92

Beretta M93R

Colt M4A1

Custom Colt 1911

LAR Grizzly

Detonics 1911

Colt Python

I uploaded this one already but I have made some minor improvements to it.

Desert Eagle

Golden Desert Eagle

Don't ask why both Desert Eagles are so small... Trigger grip is also too thin.

Faceoff Colt 1911's

Those of you who have seen the movie Faceoff with Nicholas Cage will remember these deadly beasts.



FN Five-Seven

I'm really proud of this one, I was dreading drawing it because I thought I would mess it up but it turned out pretty good.


FN P90

I'm also very proud of this one as it turned out better than expected.



Glock 18


H&K MP5A5 (U.S. Navy Variant)

Same as MP5 but with a flashlight attached under the barrel.


I'm very happy with the way the detailing and shading came out on this gun, one of my best pixel art sprites I think.




One of the first sprites I drew when I was first learning how to draw and I was actually amazed at how I got the detail and shading just right.

H&K VP70 with Burst Stock

H&K VP70 without Burst Stock

Legendary M-185AF

A airsoft gun which I turned into a realistic looking gun by taking off the red colour at the tip of the barrel and added a silver two-tone to the top frame. I gave it the name "Legendary" because it is supposed to be the best handgun you can get in the game, if you can think of a better name to call it please by all means tell me.


Operator .45

Solid Snake's handgun from MGS3, it's just another variant of the normal Colt 1911 with different hand grips.

QSZ 92

Standard issue chinese pistol used by chinese police.

Remington 870

SIG P238

SIG Sauer P226

The handgun Jack Bauer uses in the TV Show 24.


Steyr AUG

Striker 12

Semi-automatic shotgun can hold 12 gauge shells in it's drum magazine.

Super Shorty Remington 870


Walther PPS

GI Model No.1

A Colt 1911 converted using a conversion kit to take and use .50 caliber bullets, extremely dangerous.

Silent Dragon

A Colt 1911 which I edited and added a silencer and a dragon on the hand grip, I drew it with the vision that in the game, it is would be used by triad gangs.


To be used with sniper rifles so that the user can have a steady aim when lying prone on the ground.

This foregrip is actually for shotguns only, but in the game there were supposed to be different foregrips for machine guns, assault rifles and so on.

High Capacity Magazine

A handgun magazine with twice as much ammo as normal magazines.

Laser Sight

A laser sight to be attached onto handguns for added accuracy.

Match Sights

These special sights are used in handgun shooting competitions to increase accuracy.


Hides muzzle flash and suppresses the sound of the gunshot.


Scope which can be mounted on rifles to give the user the ability to zoom into their target.

Side Saddle

To be attached to the side of shotguns to give the user easy access to ammo.

Noone is allowed to use or steal any of the sprites or screens that I upload on this blog. Copyright© 18/04/10.

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